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도예농 소개  

Doyenong was founded in 1999 in Icheon, the home of ceramic. We reproduce and develop ceramic masterpieces
with the spirit of 'beop go chang shin(法古創新)' to carry on the lineage of traditional pottery and porcelain, and
to make it useful in our everyday lives. We have potter works made by around 120 artists in our shop, over 150 replica
National Treasures and authentic masterpieces in our pottery museum, and you can also find us online www.doye


Telephone: +82-31-637-6555 / (Internet phone)070 -4157-6553
Address: 211-1, Soonam-ri, Shindun-myun, Icheon-si, Gyunggi-do, South Korea

What a beautiful Korea!

Korea, located in East Asia, has always emphasized courtesy and filial duty and has been called "the Land of the
Morning Calm." Although it is a small country, it boasts a beautiful scenery with four distinct seasons, and it inherits
a rich traditional culture of dance, original architecture, cuisine, hanbok, pottery and varnish, to name a few.
It is lamentably the only divided nation in the world since the armistice agreement that ended the Korean War,
which started in 1950. Korea experienced a rapid economic development with the "Miracle on the Han River" since
the 80s and it currently one of the four Asian Dragons. Since 2000, Korea has been globally spreading its culture with
K-pop including Psy's "Gangnam Style". Visit beautiful Korea!